Behind the scenes of our first photo shoot

The awesome Charlene Asare of C.Asare Photography shot our first collection in Accra in March. In all there were 8 of us working on set that day: It was jovial, upbeat and we all had a wonderful time. 

See below for a look at how the magic was made...

Maamés getting Doris ready for the shoot.

Doris getting her hair did.

Miz Charlene keeping it healthy with a breakfast smoothie.

Yours truly helping out on set.




Raffia is born

Our maiden clothing collection is here! All the items are expertly and beautifully crafted to give you a fresh, unique and modern look while honouring traditional artisanship.

Each piece, from our technical sketches to the looms of our weavers in Bolgatanga and Tamale to our sewing studio in Accra, is unique. Like the DNA of identical twins, no two handwoven fabrics are exactly alike. So when you strut your stuff in your new Raffia outfit, know that you are still one of a kind.