Our Trip to Northern Ghana - Part 1 (Bolgatanga and Zuarungu)

Last month we travelled north to source fabrics from Bolgatanga and Zuarungu in the Upper East Region and Tamale and Daboya in the Northern Region of Ghana for Raffia's 2015 collection.

Raffia's vision for our products is to have women make up at least 60% of the production process. In Bolgatanga, where our journey began, we met with and formed new partnerships with two women-led weaving companies, which we are super excited about!

From Bolgatanga, we made our way eastwards to Zuarungu to visit with the new members of Team Raffia - God Will Help Cloth Weaving Centre or as we call them Ladi's Ladies (after their founder Ladi). They showed us some of the fabrics they were working on and answered some of our questions. We ordered swatches for our upcoming womenswear collection and then said goodbye.

From Zuarungu, we headed back to Bolgatanga then caught a bus to Tamale. But that's another story for another post.

Watch out for Part 2!